At Bardon State School we align with Education Queensland’s ‘Same Day Notification’ policy with absences. When your son or daughter is absent from school it is essential that the office is notified prior to 9am on the day or before if possible. The school absence line is 3511 4560. Leave a message with the child’s name, class, reason for absence, name of the person calling and when your child is expected to return to school.

This ensures the safety of your child and that the rolls are marked with the correct absence codes.
An SMS notification system will be in place in 2017 to assist with ensuring that all students’ absence are accounted for every day.

We ask for parents’ co-operation in arranging any appointments, e.g. medical, dental etc. out of school hours and arrange holidays for the set holiday periods. At times we recognise that this is unavoidable. On these rare occasions please ensure that he/she is signed in or out at the office.
This is an essential measure in our Work Place Health and Safety policy for Fire and Evacuation.